SAFEPLANET Indie Brand that changes indie music with their own rule.

SAFEPLANET Indie Brand that changes indie music with their own rule.

A - Thitipat "A" Arthachinda, Yee - Chayapan Chantranuson and Doi - Aphiwich Khamfoo, 3 boys that create their own safe space by the name of Safeplanet band, driven by belief and passion in their own ways, friends become band members that realise their dreams by performing concert in the stadium stage.

“Safeplanet is like a safe space”.

SAFEPLANET the safe space that keep creating with no right nor wrong

it's a gallery where we could create anything with no right nor wrong. Before we started the brand, there’s always a benchmark to compare us with others, hence when we got to have our own gallery, we just felt more pleasant with every creation.

“It’s like when you have your own shop, anything in there is what you want.”

This is the definition that Safeplanet gave to themselve. When we look back to our beginning since the first single, ‘Black Box’ in 2016, it is clear to see that we’ve always taken the most advantage of this safe space by just expressing ourselves through the music, which connects well with our fans through the last 8 years.

Tough start, but following their belief to become the forefront of Thai indie bands.

At the start things were very tough for Safeplanet, as their alternative style was not what listeners were accustomed to at that time. They compare themselve to the drowning person that keep on swimming purely on their belief, until support arrived.

“To call that stubbornness would be too childish, we just truly wanted to do things in our own way, sure we were headstrong about it, but only because we really believed in the quality of our work.”

They explained everything that made Safeplanet.

One sign that signalled how far they’ve come was the BON VOYAGE The First Arena Concert which is the first full concert of the band, along with an international tour.

8 years of orbiting by the pull of music that never stops

The first thing that came into people’s mind about Safeplanet is the Indy-Pop music genre, but if you really listen closely, you will find that inside those songs, there’s the mixing between genres. Based on what the members were into at that moment.

“Usually they called us Indy-Pop band, but we’ve always try to mix and match different genre every now and then, sometimes Funk sometimes Jazz, there’s no definitive version for Safeplanet’s music style.”

“We love music and are always exploring it. 

We never stop looking for what to listen to, or settle down with one genre. We may be crazy into Indy-Rock or Math-Rock, and just a week after that we moved on to R&B, Hiphop.

Whether they’re from ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s or ‘90s there’s always something new that spark joy inside us and give us inspiration.

All time great artists like Al Green, Marvin Gaye and ‘80s band like Wham! have all sparked joy with Safeplanet at the moment. So it’s interesting to see what kind of music they’d make based on those inspirations.

“Good ears are the first thing you need, so you could explore yourself freely, like when you hear a song and think it’s great, you must remember that moment and try to replicate that in your way, you have to try to craft the element that makes those song great in the honest way, therefore you need good ears that will always be objective. 

“Besides good ears, you also need good hands that could make the sound in your head real, but those things won’t happen overnight, you need to hone your skill until you’re able to bring those imagination into reality.” 

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