Learn more about 3 lifestyles of Pyra that made her unique characters.

Peeralada Sukawat, or who we might know as “Pyra”, is the artist that couldn’t be defined by just one character or lifestyle, she’s constantly breaking the rules and out of date traditions many artist would never dared to think about, which made her one of the ‘Stand out from the crowd’ in present. Recently Pyra moved to England, which is one of the best in the world in terms of music creativity. It makes us wonder that , with the right environment, how much Pyra can grow and express herself through music from now on.

While we eagerly await for her next project, we got the chance to chat with her in a way you might or might not have seen during her free day, while she’s working, and travelling, therefore we gladly invite you to learn more about those 3 sides of Pyra through this interview with us.

Current identity of PyraPeeralada Sukawat, artist that uses music to get rid of her sadness, and grow more as an artist by moving to England.

Q : What’s the work process of artists like Pyra ?

A : I love the sadness that we couldn’t just speak about and put it in a song, because there I would have the space to be free from that sadness and become a happier person who had left the sadness behind.

Q : What kind of song do you listen to when you are at home ?

A : I listen to music all the time when I’m at home, not for enjoyment’s sake, more like research. I listen to find something new, like the unheard sound of the snare drum. If I listen hard enough and notice someone’s made a new snare sound, then I would be really impressed by the person who is able to make something new out of such a classic sound.

Q : Apart from music, what Pyra love to do the most ?

Pyra : I choose to be an artist because it’s one of my passions to travel around, I just love to see the world. Hence I got to kill two birds with one stone by going to work and doing what I love. As I’m very protective of my personal time because I feel like it’s a currency that we will never get back in life, which is why it’s ideal for me to be able to save a lot of time by doing these 2 things altogether.

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