Since the very beginning, we have been very clear that we want to bring new brands with great depths and attitudes to Southeast Asia. Over the years, we’ve developed a rigorous brand selection process to ensure that we stay true to our vision and always bring new brand stories for people to discover.

We do it right with the right strategy

Southeast Asia is unique playground for us. It’s a diverse region with different cultures, yet it’s shared the same sense of optimism and economic prosperity. For almost a decade, we’ve been helping global brands navigate the business environment as well as bringing consumer insights into the way we grow our brands. We help our brand partners develop strategies from branding, marketing, all the way to price segmentation.


When you work with ASH, you work with a partner. A trusted partner that can lead the way to establish your brand in an unfamiliar territory. A partner that can open doors to retail networks in the SEA region. A partner who deeply understands how to build business relationships within the Asian context.

Seamless Infrastructure

ASH has an established infrastructure that can help global superbrands land in Southeast Asia with ease. Our seamless infrastructure caters to brands’ needs from back-end warehouse operations all the way to front-end retail and social media management.

We are a storyteller at heart

We get super excited when we discover brands with amazing stories to tell. But what gives us more thrill is the chance to enhance good brands with great storytelling. Creating brand narratives to intrigue the public. Getting them to follow and admire our brand movements. We believe that when brands tell great stories to people, it can elicit powerful emotions, deepen the bond, and build trust in our products.

Dedication In Our DNA

Our team is filled with people who are dedicated to work. Driven by passion to succeed, combined with a playful attitude, we always look for the best way to grow your brand.